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Both Tobacco Rd. Band and Cedric Gervias made top 10 this year  on their genre's charts with these hit songs! Tobacco Rd.'s video featuring the infamous "Colt Ford" was mostly filmed at one the world's largest Mud Truck Parks, "The Redneck Yacht Club". Cedric Gervais WON BEST REMIX for "Summertime Sadness" at the GRAMMYS for

2014! This video was the teaser for the song before it was actually released!

The Worldwide Exclusive Licensee and builder of the 2013-2014 Trans Ams and GTOs! We had a lot of fun making these and thank the Tallahassee Police Department for their assistance to drag race a 2014 GTO against a Shelby Mustang in front of the Supreme Court House!

Some services are unique and need an explanation. FLEX FOODS is one of those services. While they are a favorite among athletes that demand the highest monitoring of a quality diet, the average city worker reaps the benefits of this delicious daily meal delivery service as well. Watch to understand fully!

There are only a few hand selected dealers chosen by Trans Am Depot to sell their custom one-off super cars and King's Chariot out of Jacksonville, FL. made the cut. Mario and his three sons are sports car fanatics and at the top of the heap for being able to find the most unique of rare beauties, old and new, in the world!

Trans Am Specialties of Florida is based out of Miami and is world renowned as having one the largest inventories of Trans Ams from every year!  While their restorations are off the charts, they have also earned the rank to represent Trans Am Depot's one and only 2013-2014 Trans Ams. Check out our visit with Mark Hall (Lead singer of the multi-platinum selling Christian rock band Casting Crowns) to deliver his brand new custom TA!

Welcome to RoughCut Productions. My name is Ash von Chamier and I am the owner of RoughCUT Productions. RoughCUT is an extremely personalized and tailored service. I personally have a major hand, if not all hands, on every project that leaves RoughCUT's doors. Think of RoughCUT as a customized boutique service that will help you make your true vision come to life or capture your live event in a full production cinematic fashion .  This includes professional filming, editing, color grading, and assistance  in storyboarding.  RoughCUT Productions is located in Tallahassee Florida and is available to book for productions worldwide.


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This is a personal piece I recently made. The boy is my dear son and many of the shots are from the woods on my property. I edited this to a song that really hit home with me on an emotional level  called "Monsoons".  This is one my favorite pieces I have made to date and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Film showing in Canadian Theatres now!

All filming for "of Saints & Outlaws" has been shot in British Columbia. RoughCUT Productions teamed up with 3 Hawks Entertainment Group to bring this novel to life for the cinema. RoughCUT's role in this Production has been joint venture in filming along with doing all editing for this independant feature film!

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